Mulberry Grove: Intergeneration Living

Nurturing Intergeneration Happiness

The first super-luxury intergeneration residences

Intergeneration Living

MULBERRY GROVE is world’s first super-luxury residence under the concept of “Intergeneration Living Community”, developed from “For All Well-Being”, the watchword of Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited (MQDC), a thought-leader in real estate. Mulberry Grove aims to bridge the gap between generations in families that can lead to family and social issues. In collaboration with the Research & Innovation for Sustainability Center (RISC) and other research firms, Mulberry Grove has conducted researches and examined global studies to discover the benefits of intergeneration living:

  • Higher emotional bonding, intimacy, and support between generations
  • Better social skills in children through interaction with grandparents
  • Improved social care among children through taking care of grandparents
  • Higher self-esteem and vibrancy and improved physical and mental health among grandparents through being part of their grandchildren’s lives
  • Reduced tension among children of divorced parents through having grandparents to compensate for weakened family bonds
  • Improved family finances as support from grandparents reduces the need for nannies or caregivers
  • Higher likelihood for children to develop good financial management habits
  • Intergeneration families with 3 generations living together enjoy priceless shared moments and enduring happiness

MULBERRY GROVE therefore develops luxury multi-platform residences to serve the needs of every family, centered on building shared moments among all generations of families. Each detail is designed and developed around the true needs of every generation for sustainable well-being.

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